Covid 19 numbers are improving. Masks are coming off. Vaccines are up, and Illinois is set to reopen this Friday. For some this is the relief and release you’ve been waiting for! For others, it may be filled with dread. Fear that taking off the mask will open the door to illness. Dread at the probability of others feeling comfortable invading their bubble. For others still, it means a lot more interaction with others than they really want; they enjoyed their bubble!  

Dread and fear can be components of anxiety. Anxiety can include racing thoughts, jittery feelings, an inability to focus, pounding heart, clammy hands, chest pain and shortness of breath. Whether these feelings are caused by fears of a reopening society, loss of a loved one, a looming decision, or for no identifiable reason…there is relief! 

Some ways to help relieve anxiety include: journaling your thoughts, refocusing on what you are grateful for, walking the dog, listen to your favorite music, deep breathes (minimum of 5 slow in, slow out), work on puzzles, or read a book. The options are many, however, it can be challenging to identify what works for you when you’re stuck in your head. That’s where counselors come in! We truly listen to you, with only you in mind, and help you tailor your anti-anxiety plan to you! If you don’t know where to start, call or email us at Owens Counseling and we’ll guide the way to the life you want!  You can find us at or call us at 847-854-4333. We look forward to hearing from you!