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A Mental New Year

By:  Sydney Schertzer

A new year has just begun and everyone is coming up with their New Year’s resolutions. These usually consist of healthier eating, dieting, or more physical activity. You rarely hear of resolutions containing concerns about mental health. For example, writing down a reflection of your day, or ways to improve anger management or patience. Maybe it could be working on forgiving someone and letting go of the past.

This year, focus on you and do what is best for YOU and YOUR happiness. We challenge you to make a goal on how you can improve your mental health this year. Taking care of your mental health is essential; even getting the recommended amount of sleep can help improve your mood.

Little steps can go a far way to help you have a better, clear minded and well-rounded year. Start this year off with a clean slate, keep yourself organized, have good time management, get a good night’s sleep, etc., and you will see how those small things can take you along way mentally and even physically.