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Do You Want Peace?

This post is brought to you by Elizabeth Cermak, LCPC: “I want the peace of God.” A Course in Miracles Lesson 185 Do you want peace? A Course in Miracles says that to SAY the above words is nothing. “But to mean these words is everything.” Remember you can substitute...

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A Reminder About May

This post is brought to you by Shannon Olson, LSCW. May begins the month with May Day, which began in 1886 when laborers gathered to demand 8 hour work days. Leading up to that protest laborers were being forced to work ten, twelve even sixteen hour days, or risk...

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Acceptance   Acceptance is a gift we can give to ourselves. We often struggle with wishing we had made a different choice. Or, sometimes wishing our partner was different – maybe just a little nicer, a little more attentive, a little less pre-occupied. All...

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